Every other year Jönköping University celebrates academic festivities with an inauguration and conferment ceremony. Every year the university celebrates spring by giving out the university's merit badges.

Inauguration and Conferment Ceremony

The inauguration of full professors and conferment of PhDs takes place every other year at Jönköping University in September. During the impressive ceremony, doctorates are conferred and new professors are inaugurated / welcomed to the university. Also, the honorary doctors are conferred and awarded with the insignia.

During the ceremony the University Badge for Merit is also awarded. This is given to a person who has made an important contribution to Jönköping University.

When a new president has been appointed an inauguration of the president takes place during the ceremony.

Spring Celebration

Every year round Walpurgis Night, 30 April, Jönköping University celebrates the arrival of spring on campus with choir singing and speeches.

Per Risberg Memorial Fund

Per Risberg

Per Risberg

The Per Risberg Memorial Fund, in collaboration with Jönköping Chamber of Commerce and Jönköping, is awarding an annual scholarship. The award will be given out for the first time at the Jönköping University Academic Ceremony on 12 October 2019.

The Per Risberg Memorial Fund has donated SEK 150,000 to a scholarship in remembrance of Per Risberg. The scholarship amounts to SEK 30,000 and will be awarded at JU's Academic Ceremony on 12 October 2019 in connection with JU’s 25th anniversary. It will be handed out annually for five years after consultation with JU and the Jönköping Chamber of Commerce. The scholarship is awarded to an employee at Jönköping University who has made a significant effort to strengthen collaboration and internationalization between JU and its stakeholders (business as well as public organizations).

One or more candidates for the scholarship can be nominated by each respective school at Jönköping University, University Services and Jönköping University Enterprise.

The Scholarship awardee is decided by a committee, consisting of two people from the business community appointed by the Jönköping Chamber of Commerce; two persons appointed by Jönköping University and chaired by someone from the Per Risberg Memorial Fund. Jönköping University organizes the committee's meetings.

The first Scholarship was awarded to Anders Melander, associate professor of business administration at Jönköping International Business School, during the academic holiday on October 12, 2019.