If you are a citizen of a country outside the EU and you are planning to study for longer than three months, you must have a residence permit. The permit must have been issued before you can travel to Sweden. Follow the instructions for how to apply for a residence permit on the Swedish Migration Agency’s website External link, opens in new window. or contact the closest Swedish Embassy or Swedish Consulate (https://www.swedenabroad.se/en/).

Please remember that you cannot apply for a residence permit unless you have been admitted to full time accredited university studies in Sweden. The application fee for a residence permit can be found on the Migration Agency website External link, opens in new window..

You will need the following when you apply for a residence permit:

  • Your Letter of Acceptance
  • Proof of emergency insurance (in your Letter of Acceptance)
  • A passport valid for the duration of the studies in Sweden
  • A personal bank statement in English with the currency clearly stated, showing that you have enough funds to support yourself for the duration of the permit period you apply for.

The current maintenance requirement can be found on the Migration Agency’s website for studying in Sweden External link, opens in new window., about half-way down on the page.

Choose Jönköping University from the list of "University or college of higher education" in the online residence application form and the address will be automatically updated.

Jönköping University
Box 1026, 551 11 Jönköping, Sweden

Contact information (the next step in the permit application):

Name: International Office


The name of an individual contact person at Jönköping University is NOT necessary or required.