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There may seem to be a lot to do before the exchange studies can begin, but you will get the support and help of International Office on the way. It's totally worth it!

The application is done online in MOA (mobility-Online), from December 2021. A link will be e-mailed to your JU mail and the information about our partner universities can be found in the MOA Portal External link, opens in new window.. If you know which university you want to apply to, the application will only take a few minutes. If you still are unsure, it is better you collect more information about the universities suitable for your programme - see step no. 1.

The online application in MOA:

You first submit your application, then receive a confirmation e-mail including a link to your application which you can update until the deadline.

You can chose up to 10 alternatives and you can add and remove universities as much as you like until the deadline. Make sure to rank your choices and choose your no 1 university as first in the list. We recommend you choose only those universities you would like to study at and are prepared to accept the place to.

In the MOA Portal External link, opens in new window. you can find information about the partner universities

What is IntApps?

IntApps is a multisited tool for students who are in the process of exchange. It can be used to:

- Apply for an exchange semester (for exchanges until spring 2022)

- Get courses for exchange approved

- Find information regarding partner universities and their courses

- See where different JU students are going on exchange

- Find students from the university you are going to who are on exchange at JU

-Getting the latest updates from the International Coordinator

Mobility Online MOA

MOA replaces Intapps for exchange studies starting fall 2022.

Students who applied in Intapps will administer the exchange and courses in Intapps.

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