Content updated 2019-03-13

Exchange opportunities

Student exchange during fall semester:


- Human Resources (apply in S4 go exchange S5)

-Teacher Education Programmes (depends on program and subject area)


MASTER PROGRAMMES (apply in S2 go exchange S3)

- SusCom - Sustainable Communication

- LeaDS - Learning, Digitalization and Sustainability

- GlobalS - Global Studies: Sustainable Societies and Social Change

Application dates: 15 Januari - 1 February


Student exchange during spring semester:


- Global Studies (apply in S3 go exchange in S4)

- Media and Communication Science (apply in S3 go exchange S4)

-Teacher Education Programmes (depends on program and subject area)

Application dates: 15 August - 1 September

Please Note:

Teacher Education Programmes varies, for more information please contact the International Office.

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