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There may seem to be a lot to do before the exchange studies can begin, but you will get the support and help of the team at the International office all the way. It's totally worth it!

The application for exchange during fall 2022 is done in a new online system, Mobility Online (MOA). A link to the application will be emailed to students/programs who are in the process to apply in the upcoming selections.

You still find information about the partner universities in IntApps. Every faculty name below is a link to their IntApps login page:
(please use your student account login to enter the page)

What is IntApps and MOA?

IntApps is a multisited tool for students who are in the process of exchange. It can be used to:

- Get courses for exchange approved (for exchanges until spring 2022)

- Find information regarding partner universities and their courses

- See where different JU students are going on exchange

- Find students from the university you are going to who are on exchange at JU

-Getting the latest updates from the International Coordinator

MOA (Mobility Online)

- Apply for exchange during fall 2022 and following semesters.

Will replace IntApps during 2022.

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