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Laboratory Methods, advanced and applied course 22,5 Credits

Course Contents

- clinical chemistry laboratory method (8 cr)
- microbiology laboratory method (6.5 cr)
- histopathology laboratory method (5 cr)
- application of laboratory method within and outside of the laboratory medicine domain, organisational theories, work group psychology (3 cr)

In all of the above sections, the following are integrated:
- quality assurance within laboratory methods
- improvments of methods and documentation of measurement methods
- the connection between medical background factors as well as the choice of analysis and investigation procedure
- the diagnostics’ significance for the patient’s continued treatment
- team co-operation
- ethical positions


Basic eligibility and completed courses of 30 cr within the main area of biomedical laboratory science included in the Biomedical Scientist Program or the equivalent.

Level of Education: Undergraduate G1F
Course code/Ladok code: HLAK11
The course is conducted at: School of Health and WelfareLast modified 2014-10-06 15:05:51