"As an entrepreneur, I can’t think of a better country to be in”

One of the most important parts of your educational journey at the Strategic Entrepreneurship Programme will be the opportunity to try out your future profession via direct contact with our network of Swedish and international companies and organisations. You will get valuable practical and cultural knowledge, making you more employable. You will also get the chance to build a global network of business contacts and meet future employers.

Alicia Vara, Former Student, Strategic Entrepreneurship

Alicia Vara moved with her husband from Mexico to Sweden in 2010, both of them with the dream of setting up their own business. After graduating from the Strategic Entrepreneurship Programme in 2014, she and her husband set up Mt3, a successful consultancy connecting talents from Mexico with companies and start-ups in Sweden.

“We got a lot of support and help from our professors at JIBS. They are the top-level researchers in entrepreneurship, and they shared not only their knowledge but also their network of local business contacts with me," she says.

Start up at Science Park

Right on JU’s doorstep is Science Park, a meeting place for business representatives and new ventures. JIBS encourages students to start their own business, taking advantage of the support and resources on offer from Science park – free of charge!

"Science Park is closely connected to JIBS. I was able to get coaching on how to pitch my business there, plus a good understanding of networking and legal advice on contracts. There’s a reason why Sweden ranks as one of the most innovative countries. As an entrepreneur, you get so much support and funding here, not to mention the collaborative opportunities and spin-offs. As an entrepreneur, I can’t think of a better country to be in,” says Alicia.

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