“Everything I studied is relevant to what I do now.”

Innovation and open-mindedness were essential things I picked up from studying at JIBS, as well as great friends and an international business network.

I’ve always had a strong interest in entrepreneurship and really got a lot out of the Strategic Entrepreneurship programme at JIBS. There were so many interesting courses, especially Creating a New Venture and Family Business Development which covered really exciting topics.

I would say that everything I studied is relevant to what I do now. I work as a consultant for a corporate strategy consulting firm that has a focus on Asian markets. My job is to enable companies to understand their market (in terms of potential and competition) and develop strategic recommendations of whether or not to make an entrance and how to execute it.

The practical knowledge I gained from the projects and empirical research I did while on the Strategic Entrepreneurship programme really enhanced my analytical skills which has helped me to identify problems and come up with ideas for solutions and the ways to execute them.

As well as being a ‘battleground’ for tech startups, Indonesia has a long history of family businesses, some of which now control the country’s economy, so the strong focus on entrepreneurship and family business at JIBS makes it a very attractive place to study.

Ferdinand Padang
Former Student, Strategic Entrepreneurship, 
Jönköping International Business School
Corporate Strategy Consultant, Jakarta, Indonesia

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