Sanna Ödmark ”Today I work with influencer marketing"

I chose JU for the international and entrepreneurial spirit and the opportunity to spend a semester abroad. A friend who had already studied at JU made me aware of the International Management programme. It seemed to be a perfect match, so I applied and was accepted. After completing the three years in the programme, I continued with the master’s programme International Marketing. The years at JIBS gave me a perfect foundation to stand on and today I work with influencer markting. I also run one of the largest marketing podcasts in the Nordic region.

Sanna Ödmark, alumna International Marketing

Sanna Ödmark works as the Head of Marketing at an influencer marketing company. She also runs one of the largest marketing podcasts in the Nordic region.

I warmly recommend both the bachelor’s and master’s programmes. Both for the education’s high quality and the opportunity to spend one or two semesters abroad (I did my exchange semester at California State University, Fresno). In addition, you will have a great opportunity to create networks for the future thanks to the close cooperation with the business community. It’s so valuable to read up on things and then have the opportunity to apply the knowledge to actual companies with real challenges and problems to solve – you learn a lot from that!

Besides JIBS’ working so closely with the business community, I appreciated the open culture at JIBS, the international character of the programmes and on campus life. It is also a big plus that world-class research is conducted at JIBS. It is noticeable at the level of the courses.

The studies and practical training are an essential part of the education. Still, alongside that, there are many other opportunities to develop and test your wings. Take the opportunity to participate in some of the many events and challenges at JIBS; it is both fun and developing. As an example, three other students and I had the opportunity to compete for JIBS in the UVM Family Enterprise Case Competition in Vermont under the leadership of Mattias Nordqvist, Professor of Economics. A competition that we also won!

Jönköping may seem like a small town, but student life is fantastic. It becomes something special when the campus is so central and is part of the city center. I would probably dare say that Jönköping is one of Sweden’s best student cities.

A perfect foundation and a real boost to my career

I got my first job even before I graduated from JIBS. Today, I work as the Head of Marketing at a Swedish tech company that is a leader in the Nordic region regarding influencer marketing. We have offices in Stockholm, London, and Berlin. We help companies such as H&M, Kappahl and Ellos to reach their target groups in a relevant way with the help of social media. Together with two colleagues, I also run the podcast “Influencer Marketing Talks”, one of the largest podcasts in the Nordic region.

My education at JIBS gave me a perfect foundation to stand on and a real boost to my career. Thanks to the school's international profile, the years at JIBS also contributed to a fantastic network covering both Sweden and outside the borders.

I have many great memories from my years at JIBS. Everything from late nights in the library with litres of coffee and anxious exam study to the kick-off weeks where I met friends for life. When I was a mentor during my second kick-off week, I even met the man I married ten years later!

My career tip to you as a prospective student is to be open and curious and to let go of the idea that the career should look a certain way. If you plan too much, you might miss out on exciting opportunities leading to even better career opportunities than if you blindly follow an already set trajectory. And don’t be afraid to fail! At the beginning of a career, it remains only to throw yourself out and learn as much as possible, both from successes and mistakes. Think like Pippi Long stocking – “I've never tried that before I can handle it for sure!". That will help you get far!

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