“The education shaped me professionally. After graduating, I felt ready for a professional career.”

The programme shaped me professionally and prepared me to make an impact. Throughout my years at JIBS, I started realizing big improvements in my soft skills and my knowledge towards the International Management scope. It was fast paced and challenging, which brought me a lot of maturity in just 3 years. After graduating, I felt ready for a professional career and received a lot of positive feedback from colleagues and employers as soon as I started working.

Victor Vallim, alumn International Management. Advisor, Avenir Invest

Today I work as an Advisor, where my main task is looking at our clients’ investment portfolios and giving strategic advice both to the clients and to our investment officers. I need to be updated with market/economic overviews in Brazil and around the world to adjust our investments and make sure that our clients are well distributed.

I really liked the programme structure in terms of group assignments. Most courses that I studied had a group assignment. Looking back now, I recognize how important they were for me to develop my soft skills and to learn how to deal with different cultures and backgrounds. I believe this was one of the most important aspects of the programme in terms of teaching how to work in international environments. You get great support in preparing your career from the Career Center, offering free workshops (such as CV reviews and mock interviews), lists of internships available from partner companies, and guest lectures with employees from companies like Volvo, Scania, and Spotify. These were highly valuable for me at that time.

A fun and life-changing experience

One of the best things about JIBS and JU is the whole atmosphere on campus in my daily life as a student. From the little things, like having a fika in the coffeeshop Rio and studying in the library, to participating in the kickoff weeks and other activities organized by the student associations. It was all really fun, at the same time as it was academically stimulating. We had great student fairs, workshops by Career Center and Science Park, and other professional events organized by Case Academy, Entrepreneurship Academy, and other student associations. There was always something to do on campus.

Be ready for a fun and life-changing experience. Studying in Sweden might have its challenges – such as a harsh weather and a culture that might be different from other countries – but they will all bring lessons to your life. After all, it is a fantastic country to live in and a great society to be inserted.

I would recommend that future JIBS students get in touch with current students. When I was applying to Swedish universities, I contacted some students who shared their experiences with me and made me feel that JIBS was the choice for me. I would say that this is the best way to find out whether Jönköping is a good fit also for you.

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