"The support and the openness is on a completely different level"

I knew that I wanted to study entrepreneurship and end up somewhere where I was sure that I would develop my entrepreneurial skills. So, I did my research and found that the Nordic countries have a great reputation when it comes to entrepreneurial spirit. And JIBS matched my qualifications perfectly with the master’s programme in Strategic Entrepreneurship.

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Christian Putz, Former Student, Jönköping International Business School

Why JIBS and Strategic Entrepreneurship?

I was looking for a two-year master’s programme, which made Strategic Entrepreneurship an attractive alternative. The programme lets you as a student combine theoretical and practical aspects of entrepreneurship, which I find important. The best way to learn is always to apply what you learn in theory in real-case practice.

Already in my first semester at JIBS, I got the chance to present my entrepreneurial skills in a course. Our mission was to present a business idea and pitch it to our teachers. We did get some good feedback and wanted to continue working on our idea. So, we applied for an accelerator at Science Park and got accepted. This meant we were able to develop our idea, work in a great environment, get support from the experienced team at Science Park and pitch our idea to potential investors.

This experience gave me the chance to actually be an entrepreneur, not only studying and learning how to become one, which is something that gave me a perspective of the profession, helped me pursue my career and helped me get to where I stand today.

A student life out of the ordinary

My time as a master’s student at JIBS made me realize the importance of working together with other people. Something as simple as a group project can be the most difficult thing if you are not open to learning from others, practice your communication skills and be curious about different cultures and their relationship to studying. Things like talking, studying, and presenting yourself in English were new and a bit scary for me when arriving in Jönköping. But realizing what I gained from doing that every day for two years, is amazing.

All the dreamy movies, inspiring commercials, stories, and other people’s experiences that you read and hear about when it comes to university life, became a reality for me when I arrived at JIBS. Everything was different from back home in Germany; for example the location of the campus, close to the city centre. If you want to feel free as a student, meet new people, exchange experiences, and encounter other cultures from all over the world, JIBS is the place to be.


Christian Putz , Co-Founder | COO, Boomerang Systems, Hamburg, Germany

Former student, Strategic Entrepreneurship, Jönköping International Business School

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