Meet Tetiana Grytsaieva from Ukraine

For me it was always a dream to study in Scandinavia. It became possible when I applied for a scholarship and got it. I had been in Sweden before and I really liked how this society was organized and I wanted to have a chance to learn from it. Now I have been here for two years and I don’t know exactly what will happen next, but I hope to pursue an international career and I wouldn’t mind staying in Sweden for a while.

A number of things made me choose Jönköping University. I never wanted to study in a huge city, or at an enormous school. The size is one of the benefits here. Changes and innovation happen fast, students have direct influence and it is possible to get your voice heard. Another thing that was important to me was how JU teaches students to take sustainability into account in all areas, both caring about society, environment, individuals and equal rights.

Jönköping University and JIBS is a very international and ambitious environment. Students here are intelligent and smart, with a lot of ideas and big plans for their future. It will be interesting to see where my friends from JU end up, as I’m sure eventually many will have important positions around the world. I have learned many things here, one of them is to see my own potential, to believe that things can be achieved. I saw more barriers before, but here people have big dreams and that has opened up my own thinking.

The courses have been interesting and some of them a little unorthodox, not only learning from the books. We have practiced our presentation skills a lot and there has been a great deal of learning from each other and other people. I have appreciated the creative learning methods which have made me gain new perspectives.

I have done so much in these two years. Being a student at JU is both inspirational and demanding but I felt I also wanted to do something outside my program which is why I have also been active in extracurricular activities. I didn’t find exactly what I wanted so I started my own student association, an initiative we called JU Talk. We invited speakers to talk about an interesting topic, for example their country. This was when I studied entrepreneurship and it became a good experience in leadership, event managing etc.

Tetiana Grytsaieva
Student, Strategic Entrepreneurship
Jönköping International Business School

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