Unveiling the intricacies of Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) in Sweden and India, this research illuminates the path to sustainable industrial practices across global borders.

This research navigates the landscape of Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) by closely examining the top 10 manufacturing firms in Sweden and India. It dives deep into the annual reports of these firms, utilising a selection of 33 carefully curated keywords to draw out information pertinent to GSCM practices.

A unique analytical matrix, constructed with 12 GSCM activities divided into four performance areas, provides the backbone of the study. This matrix expands the conventional Triple Bottom Line (TBL) approach by adding a new dimension for governance, providing an innovative lens through which to assess and compare GSCM activities.

The study reveals intriguing patterns and significant differences between GSCM practices in the two countries. The results provide a snapshot of the current status of GSCM but also provide valuable insights to aid policymaking and implementation for greener and more sustainable industrial operations.

This research underpins the need for embracing sustainable practices in the supply chain and advocates for proactive measures in environmental stewardship. It is a testament to rigorous academic inquiry and the pursuit of knowledge that can lead to a sustainable future.