An Empirical Study of the Factors Affecting Digital Transformation Using Digital Maturity Model

In today's rapidly changing industry, it's crucial to thoroughly explore the emerging digital transformation. In this thesis, we aim to understand the enablers and barriers of digital transformation and the important role of strategy, using a digital maturity assessment model.

As Industry 4.0 evolves, heightened enthusiasm and investment in digital transformation have been noted. However, many organizations find it challenging to correctly implement new technologies, with only a small fraction realizing success and increased revenue. While ample funding is available for acquiring technology, a majority of companies are unable to unlock their full potential, often missing crucial obstacles and facilitators. Given that digital transformation has wide-reaching impacts on an organization, it necessitates a comprehensive strategy for successful execution. Numerous studies suggest the need for deeper investigation into digital transformation, particularly examining the correlation between transformation strategies and the recognized facilitators and obstacles. Focusing on these aspects within the context of the Swedish manufacturing industry could provide valuable insights to organizations embarking on digitalization journeys.

In the era of Industry 4.0, our research investigates the critical factors influencing digital transformation in manufacturing, highlighting the pivotal role of a comprehensive strategy. We use a digital maturity assessment model to investigate the enabling and hindering factors of digital transformation in a manufacturing company, focusing on the interconnections of these factors. The insights gained from this study can guide organizations in fully exploiting digital technologies like IoT, AI, and Big Data, overcoming challenges, and leveraging opportunities for competitive advantage and growth. In addition to contributing to academic knowledge, our findings offer practical guidance for managers in steering their companies through digital transformation.