In today’s world, maybe more than ever before, the perception of a product is equal and, in some cases, more important than the practicality and use. Companies place a lot of their budget on the development of the aesthetics and feeling of a product instead of focusing exclusively on how it works.

In the cosmetic industry this is more true than in other fields, probably because of the importance of appearance, not only for the user them self but for their surrounding as well. There is a need for the products itself to give a particular feeling even before it is used, this can be done with the shape of the product, its material, textures and/or graphics.

There are perhaps thousands of different containers for cosmetic products like perfume bottles so the difficulty to stand out is high, this also makes it that more important.

This project will tackle that problem, the goal is to design a new parfum bottle for the brand BeardMonkey that feels updated and fresh, targets a new market group and still have the core company DNA intact.