In this thesis, the focus is on the design of an armrest for Malmstolen's office chairs, emphasizing function and ergonomics. The aim is to optimize user comfort and productivity in the workplace environment.

Office chairs are essential in various workplace settings, providing comfort during long working hours. Common functions of an office chair include adjustable height, width, and tilt functions. However, poor ergonomic design can lead to musculoskeletal issues, particularly due to prolonged sitting. Hence, the design and construction of office chairs must prioritize ergonomics to mitigate these concerns.

Malmstolen is a furniture company specializing in workplace designs, and they offer a range of collections tailored to different environments. Their upcoming project is the Individual Collection, Generation 2, which targets individuals with personal workspaces who spend extended hours sitting. This exclusive collection focuses on delivering an ergonomically advanced chair to ensure optimal comfort.

The purpose is to design and develop an armrest for their Individual collection, Generation 2. Malmstolen places significant importance on the armrest being both ergonomic and durable, ensuring it withstands extended use without the risk of breakage. The design should align with Malmstolen's established design language while fulfilling the requirements of both users and the company.