Experimental design is a practice operating at the limit between craftmanship, art and technology. In collaboration with the studio breadeEscalope (Vienna, Austria) this project oscillates between research and production to study the link between industrial and experimental approach to design.

Hitherto initiated from an impulse or a problem requiring solution, the action of designing suggest a product or a service to fulfill needs. In industrial design, the creative process follows contextually anchored steps to frame, define, develop and deliver. For the sake of a pragmatic answer, the delivery is centered around the user and its needs, often leading to an opaque finished product.

Home’s basic, the coat rack was selected to support this study as a concrete base for trend and consumer behavior analysis. From shared ornamental and functional object placed in the entrance of houses, the coat rack previously “hatstand”, is today an unnoticed domestic object. The final product was hand manufactured with recycled and raw component, allowing transparency on the production process and used material. Stacking up coats on the produced rack create a private space for the user to sit in, questioning the relationship between user and product (ownership, trust, value). Based on architectural concept and design theory, the product aims to bridge creative and technical disciplines to suggest a functional yet questionable product as dialogue starter.

How sustainable are the objects that surround us every day? Where and under what conditions are they made? What is the story of the product? With those question in head the experimental design thinking studio breadedEscalope based in Vienna (Austria), offers an alternative approach to design. Always starting projects with the production process as a story of formations, offering unique and playful outcome to the act of designing.