Jenny, student, Sustainable Communication

 After Jenny Wang had completed her bachelor’s in visual communication, she wanted a new challenge. When she found Sustainable Communication at JU she was hooked.

Jenny, student, Sustainable Communication

– Sustainability has been widely talked about here in Sweden ever since I was little. This program gave me a great in-depth understanding of sustainability and the challenges we are facing. Actions are needed from every one of us. Sometimes, we must leave our comfort zones and collaborate. Together we can make it happen, Jenny says.

What is good about sustainable communication?

– The international and cultural diversity in the class was truly amazing. With classmates from all over the world, we could get to know this world from very different perspectives. There was always something new to learn, which expanded my knowledge extremely. The lectures opened new doors for me to learn about communication, and how it can be one of the keys in making a difference

What courses have been interesting and will help you in your future career?

– The Sustainability and Communication course triggered me to think about how we as individuals can motivate people, both in our surroundings but also in society to make changes. Starting from something small, and do not be afraid to make it big.

Can you recommend it? Why?

– Are you looking for international and cultural diversity, new perspectives, sustainability, and to make a difference? Then I would like to recommend this fantastic program for you.

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